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October Issue #81       
GALLERY 32 FINE ARTS wishes to welcome you into the beautiful autumn season! Join our online gallery to be uplifted with the monthly newsletter. We are looking forward to many new projects in the future. In the spirit of collaboration, thank you to those of you who have made all of this possible.


We are constantly searching for high quality paintings in excellent condition by important artists. The gallery is looking specifically for Philippe AugeFrederic McDuff (small size, beach scene), and Gregory Benden.
If you have any paintings that you would consider selling or consigning, Please send an image with your contact details to
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Larry Calkins on exhibit in New York 

Gentle Seraph - $2000

Larry works with simple materials and objects that present some kind of history: rusted metal, found cloth, or scraps of wood. His typical paint medium is beeswax that he mixes with pigments.  Occasionally he carves his brushes from twigs and often, if an object he wants is not readily available, he will create it. His dress sculptures are made from cloth and beeswax with wire hangers. They range in size from the smallest at less than two feet high to the largest at four feet. Each is carefully crafted, coated in wax yet still retaining some of the flowing movement of dresses.
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Petit Prince et son Mouton - $1600

We have represented Le Bricquir in the US since 2002, and are proud to have 20 new pieces for sale this year. 
"Everywhere, one finds magic places; places which are often unique, where the sky the earth, and the sea, are in perfect harmony.” LeBricquir primarily uses oil on canvas but has explored alternative mediums, which is evidence of her search for pure expression.  Most of her pieces have a vibrant palette and are reminiscent of childhood, dreams, and fantasy stories. While her works of art express a range of subject matter and tone, it is her deliberative style that links all of her pieces together.
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Brigitte Saint-Ouen is pleased to share the concept she has been exploring since last year—ephemeral pop-up shows dedicated to contemporary artists. The use of temporary venues for gallery exhibitions is an opportunity for international artists to quickly integrate themselves and their work into the competitive art market of New York City. A month’s exhibition will not only offer artists a chance to display their work to the public, but also feature their work to the gallery's extensive network of prestigious collectors and clientele. 
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Brigitte Saint-Ouen is happy to offer the professional service of art appraisal. The service of art appraisal provides the owner or interested party with a greater understanding of the value of the art object in question.
As a qualified professional, Brigitte is attuned to the climate of the art market as well as the depth of the market's history.
Brigitte and her team will write a formal report that will include cash value, the international fair market value, researched retail replacement, condition and authenticity verification.
The rate for a basic report of a single painting is a $150 flat fee. To receive an extensive report that includes artist biography and international auction history, the cost is $250 per piece. For a report of multiple paintings, the rate is $200 an hour.

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