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Public Engagement Surveys
We are returning to our Public Engagement Roots......
As we move forward with our Age Friendly Community Plan, we are looking for public input on a variety of topics so that we can better advocate for the needs of the community. The surveys can be accessed by clicking on the photo below; you may complete as many or as few as you like. If you would rather complete a survey over the phone, please give us a call and we will be happy to do so. None of the surveys will ask you for any identifying information, so all responses will remain completely anonymous. Please feel free to contact us at (902) 407-3533 or welcome@villageonmain.ca with any questions or comments.
Thank you, we really appreciate your participation!

Tribute Event Sponsor Profile - Speedy Auto
Tacoma Drive’s Speedy Auto has been up and running since 1986, making them a member of The Village on Main since we began in 2009.
Speedy Auto does a great job at cultivating the sense of community we strive for. Their slogan, “at Speedy, you’re somebody” reins true. Approximately 80% of their customers are returning ones, and it’s not uncommon for multiple generations of family members to stay loyal to this specific location. While Speedy Auto has been a reliable Canadian chain for many years, their personalized service and genuine care for cars and those who drive them creates a warm, family feel.
Their employees are also loyal to this friendly auto shop. Three of their full time employees have been working at this location for over twenty years - making the relationships they have with their customers meaningful and long lasting.
Owners Bruce and Landy Steel have only been running this location since November 2017 but with over twenty years of experience in mining and large vehicle repair the fit has been perfect. Having recently moved to Canada from Australia, they enjoy the smaller, laid-back feeling of the Main Street area, while being close enough to the harbour to aide any homesickness.  
Like the rest of us working for The Village on Main, Speedy Auto collectively agrees that the area needs some green space and have been actively looking into ways to help us reach that goal.
The decision to sponsor our Festival in Tribute to Veterans and Those Who Serve was an easy one to make once they found out who we were honouring. Speedy is actively involved with the Society of Atlantic Heroes, an organization that aides veterans and first responders with issues such as PTSD. In fact, they offer a discount to veterans and first responders, and donate the amount of the discount toward the Society of Atlantic Heroes.
Thank you for your sponsorship, and dedication to our community!

Business Skills Training

In partnership with the Metro Business Association (MBA), we are offering another round of Business Skills Training with funding from the NS Dept. of Labour & Advanced Education. There will be four (4) courses starting on Wednesday, September 19th. They are as follows:

Strategies for Social Media – 9:00am to 12:30pm
Excel for Business – 1:00pm to 4:30pm
Video 101 for Business – 9:00am to 12:30pm OR 5:00pm to 8:30pm

Members of either of these business associations have priority for class seats, however the funding partner requires a minimum of participants to run a class, therefore we are opening it to those outside of the associations.  You may feel free to share this information with your colleagues.  There will be no charge to participants as the provincial government is contributing the funding toward these programs. For additional Information and registration see our website page

Introducing Cid!

We thought it would be great if we met someone with the name “CID” since we changed our name from BID (business improvement district) to CID (community improvement district).
 We found him!


Cid was born and raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As a young pup, he would stick his nose where it didn’t belong, often getting in trouble for his nosieness. He couldn’t help but be curious of those around him, as he was always trying to look out for others. Main Street has been his home for years and years, and Cid has decided that he will use every moment of his dog years to raise the locality up to what he knows it can be.  His passion for people is what has brought him out from the shadows and into the light!

Cid loves to volunteer as a service dog at retirement facilities and daycares and comes from a line of service dogs who have lived in the Village On Main for years because of the many advocacy and service organizations here. He is now friends with everyone he meets, and is working amongst his pals at Village On Main to retrofit the suburban district. He has plans for this community with 6 Goals in mind. Cid will inspire and encourage the colourful members of the district to develop an Age-Friendly Community where everyone can feel welcome.


Cid is empathetic, helpful, revitalizing, and aims to encourage each and every member of the neighbourhood to get out and embrace his kind and inclusive way of life. He prompts discussion on pawsitive community change, while demanding that Dartmouth keeps its’ roots.


Welcome to the Village on Main!
Morning Bliss Cafe opened their doors recently at 73 Tacoma Drive! Here you'll find premium Italian coffee ground in-house, a wide selection of loose teas, pastries, lunch, and will soon be serving vegan and gluten-free options.
Swiss Chalet has reopened as a Swiss Chalet / Harvey’s combo! They have a unique menu that you won’t find at any other Swiss Chalet’s on the East Coast and the newest model renovation out there!
Artisan’s Hair Salon has recently opened at 50 Tacoma Drive. “Hair styling with a European flair for both men and women. Special hair treatments. Professional hair products. Open 7 days a week.”

Annual Community Clean Sweep - Recap

On Friday, June 8th, we were a wee but powerful bunch while gathering garbage and rallying together as a community. The Clean Sweep took place at Stevens Road United Baptist Church from 3-5pm again just like every year! Thanks to Petstuff On The Go/Affirmative Ventures, Stevens Road United Baptist Church, The Lions Club of Dartmouth, Staff from MP Darren Fisher's office, Tim Halman and staff, and June Marsden. Their support and care for our cleaning initiative is the reason we continue to tidy our community. Lots of trash was picked up, prizes were given, and many hot dogs (both meat and veggie) were eaten. The most noteworthy finds of the garbage haul were: a lamp, a metal rod, and an alarming amount of fast food cups. Main Street is a very busy place with a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be clean! A clean and healthy environment benefits everyone and everything, which is why Village On Main continues to strive for improvement!

Recap – Parade & Festival in Tribute to Veterans
and Those Who Serve

June 2nd marked our 10th annual Tribute Parade and Festival for Veterans and Those Who Serve. This event is a community favourite and is always a pleasure to put on. We enjoyed listening to pipe bands, motivating speeches, a prayer from NSCC’s Mi’kmaw Elder in Residence Gary Joseph, and folk music from the proudly Dartmouthian band, The Good Woods.
This year we were faced with a classic Nova Scotian issue - the weather! Despite changing the times to avoid heavy rain and being faced with relentless wind, we still had a sizable turnout. Thanks to everyone that stuck it out even with canopies that wanted to travel around - it’s situations like these where we really appreciate how united of a community we truly are. Despite the minor chaos the little ones were still running around gleefully enjoying the bouncy castle and other excellent activities provided by Glow, face paint from Susan, and balloons from Mr. Twister.
Thank you to all of our sponsors - Veterans Affairs Canada, AP Reid Insurance, Securitas, Speedy Auto, First Mutual Properties, National Association of Federal Retirees, MP Darren Fisher, MLA Tim Halman and Councillor Tony Mancini - we aren’t able to put on these events without your generous donations.

2018 Annual General Meeting
Thank you to everyone who came out to our Annual General Meeting last month. This year we were very pleased be be celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a buisness improvement district!  We were very happy to see so many familiar faces and even happier with seeing all the new faces in the crowd! This year we focused on implementing the goals outlined in our Age Friendly Community Plan. We also thanked everyone who provided their guidance, resources, knowledge, energies and their time to assisting us transform the Village on Main into a Complete Community! A special thank you to the culinary staff at NSCC for opening up the kitchen and for providing such as fantastic lunch.
If you were unable to attend, we also introduced a new friend; actually our new mascot whose name is Cid, (abbreviation for Community Improvement District). Cid will soon be out in the Community visiting businesses, attending events and making friends!

Monthly Morning Networking
Join the Village on Main on the third Wednesday morning (8:30 am – 9:30 am) of every month for morning networking at various locations throughout The Village on Main.  Enjoy complimentary Tim Horton’s coffee, good conversation, door prizes and more! You don’t have to be a member to attend. Everyone is Welcome. Here are a few photos taken at May’s networking hosted by A.P. Reid Insurance held at Stevens Road United Baptist Church.

Thank you for hosting!

Please join us for our next morning Networking Wednesday, July 18th at Morning Bliss Cafe, located at 73 Tacoma Drive, first floor.


Upcoming - The Village on Main Networking Event
Join us for our Next Networking...on Wednesday July 18th from 8:30am to 9:30am hosted by Morning Bliss Cafe, located at 73 Tacoma Drive, first floor.  Keep an eye on our Facebook & Twitter for any updates! You don’t need to be a member to participate. 
Please check out our website for updates on development, progress on projects in the village, upcoming
events, our member directory, webcam and more! www.villageonmain.ca

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