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~ Event Announcement ~


SpaceFL IST competition

Workshop – Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, Florida

Friday October 5th 2012 (10am – 4pm).
(Check-In 9am - Lunch Provided)
Space Florida and NanoRacks have partnered to provide a Competition in which up to 8 Winners will have an opportunity to fly their payloads to the International Space Station (ISS) and have scientific research conducted on board the U.S. National Lab.  It is intended that the winning payloads will fly on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket inside the Dragon spacecraft, from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.
If you plan to attend this Informational Workshop,
you must RSVP by email by TODAY (10/3) to info@spaceflorida.gov

Space Florida & NanoRacks personnel will attend the Workshop to:
     1.     Explain the Rules & Regulations of the Competition and how as a competition winner, your payload may fly to the ISS.
     2.     Provide technical expertise and a payload development timetable.
     3.     Provide valuable assistance to you to develop your Competition application.
     4.     Q&A time with NanoRacks, NASA-KSC, CASIS and FSGC personnel.

If you can’t make the Workshop, check our Live-Stream
Go to YouTube afterwards and View Workshop Highlights
Competition Website Link

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  FL-CAN program links Florida-based universities, incubation networks, investors and industry resources together to create a network of Proof of Concept centers to accelerate the creation and commercialization of innovative clean technology research into new technology companies or to license into existing firms. FL-CAN is administered via a partnership between the University of Central Florida, The Technological Research and Development Authority, and the Florida Energy Systems Consortium.

U. S. Economic Development Administration
U. S. Department of Energy
The FL-CAN project is funded by a grant from the Economic Development Administration and the Department of Energy as part of the i6 Challenge. For more info on the i6 Challenge please refer to the Fact Sheet at energy.gov or the article at doe.gov.


FL-CAN at the University of Central Florida
(407) 882-0345 | ian.grant@ucf.edu

University of Central Florida | 12201 Research Parkway | Orlando | FL | 32826 | US
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